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"Life is a Tapestry" Ltd. Ed. Dip Pen Set of 102 Nibs w/ Custom Case & Handcrafted Granadillo Pen


Image of "Life is a Tapestry" Ltd. Ed. Dip Pen Set of 102 Nibs w/ Custom Case & Handcrafted Granadillo  Pen
  • Image of "Life is a Tapestry" Ltd. Ed. Dip Pen Set of 102 Nibs w/ Custom Case & Handcrafted Granadillo  Pen
  • Image of "Life is a Tapestry" Ltd. Ed. Dip Pen Set of 102 Nibs w/ Custom Case & Handcrafted Granadillo  Pen
  • Image of "Life is a Tapestry" Ltd. Ed. Dip Pen Set of 102 Nibs w/ Custom Case & Handcrafted Granadillo  Pen
  • Image of "Life is a Tapestry" Ltd. Ed. Dip Pen Set of 102 Nibs w/ Custom Case & Handcrafted Granadillo  Pen

This listing is for the pictured dip pen set, containing:
1) one 12 inch, hand-turned, solid Granadillo wood dip pen;
2) a total of 102 different dip pen nibs for Calligraphy, Writing or Artwork (82 Antique & 20 new);
3) the pictured, hand-made Dip Pen Case;
4) a signed, photo certificate authenticating the pen & set;
5) a hard copy "nib map" list of the contents

The Set

This is a limited edition set due to the "last-run" format: of the contents & the case; the real tapestry fabric that has been employed in the construction of this dip pen case; the 12 inch, solid Granadillo pen included with this set (pictured)/that was made specifically for this set. It is truly a "one-of-a-kind" set.

The specific nibs, the envelope-styled "soft" case, and the overall format of this set is representative of my original Professional level series of Dip Pen Sets that I produced and sold internationally in the past (from 2013 through 2015); the only difference in contents in this set is the addition of the one gold plated Spencerian nib that is included, but the fabric used to create this case has been used in no other cases that I've made.

This is one of the last my "Soft" padded cases remaining in my inventory, and when it is gone there will be no duplication of it; all of my new sets are now housed in solid hardwood cases in a more compact configuration for easier portability.

The Pen

The pen in this set is made of solid Granadillo. It is intended for use with the standard sized nibs within this set. It is one of my own, original, hand-turned pens from the lathe here in my studio workshop, and it is finished with an all-natural, hand blended, "French Polish" lacquer. As with all of the pens that I produce, the pen within this set has been assigned a serial number upon completion. All of my pens are always turned individually on my lathe, and the design is a unique, freehand creation.

Specific Pen Details:

The Serial Number of this Pen is 560.

Creation/Completed Date: 5/26/2017

Style: Custom / freehand / fixed straight pen design

Color: Natural Wood with Clear Natural Lacquer Finish

Finish: Natural Hand Made Lacquer (French Polish)

Dimensions: 12 inches Long x 0.45 inches max Diameter Grip in a tapered progression x 0.75 inches Widest Diameter x 0.125 inches Smallest Diameter x 0.7 ounces.

Composition: Solid Wood = Granadillo

Design Notes: The Pen in this set is an original freehand design created during lathe/ turning process in my studio workshop.

The Case

Specific details about this case:

The "Envelope" design for this limited edition case is composed of an outer shell of a true Tapestry fabric in which the foliage design is woven from the heavy, colored threads. It is a tough upholstery-grade fabric, and should provide lasting durability if cared for properly.

The inner board is a composite creation that is hand made in my shop; with solid elastic banding that was hand woven and secured throughout the inner composition of the board itself, a metal inner layer sandwiched between layered cardboard to resist bending or tearing, and waterproof, industrial-grade glues were used throughout the construction process. The fabric used on the nib board that is sewn into this case is a rich, garnet colored, ultra-suede fabric.

The inner linings used within these sets are heavy duty and / or upholstery grade fabrics to ensure a long life and durable /wear-resistant product.

The padding is comprised of poly-foam and polyester batting that is hypoallergenic, and will resist deterioration over time.

The finished board is sewn into the fabric of the case itself - this makes for a very permanent solution that should last through regular use for many years.

The thread used is heavy duty upholstery thread, and the stitching is at least doubled or tripled at the higher stress points in the case to provide maximum strength.

In addition to providing a nice organizational format, the elastic banding provide proven protection to the tips of the nibs in two different manners: 1) by preventing the nibs from colliding with each other or with other surfaces (whether in storage or when being moved) - thus preventing the dulling or damages that may occur to the points if bumped around; 2) the storage of dissimilar metals in constant contact with one another can encourage tarnish and rust in the metals over time, so the bands in the case keep the different metals of the different nibs separated at all times to discourage this from occurring.

The overall dimensions of this set when the case is closed is 11.5 inches x 15.5 inches x 4 inches; when opened, the dimensions are 11.5 inches x 24 inches x 2 inches.

About the nibs in this set: many of these nibs are antiques, and some are newly manufactured - but all of the nibs included within in this set are in new, unused and mint to near-mint condition.

The Specific breakdown of the nibs in the order of their placement within this set is:

Row #1/Top Row From Left to Right:

One Blanzy-Poure #101.

One Blanzy-Poure #404.

One Birmingham #226.

One D. Leonardt #516EF.

One Penna Lus #900ES.

One Heintz & Blankertz #1135 EF.

One Esterbrook Penesco #501.

One C. Howard Hunt 513 EF.

One Penna Lus #1931 EF.

One Perry & Company #22301EF.

One VEB #435 (from Berlin, Germany).

One Esterbrook #788.

One Presbitero #517EF.

One Baignol & Farjon #298 “Tantale”.

One Fiore #16 EF.

One F.P. Bridges #619 “Carbonized Steel”.

One Penna Elettra #8.

Row #2 From Left to Right:

One Esterbrook #322.

One Penna Lus #055.

One Penna Elettra #9.

One D. Leonardt #30.

One D. Leonardt #300.

One D. Leonardt #111EF.

One Blanzy#Poure #1278 "Zig Zag" Pen.

One Penna Signorina #047EF.

One J.B. Mallat #110 "Depose' Marquis".

One Ursus #4.

One Baignol & Farjon #190.

One Baignol & Farjon #803.

One Baignol & Farjon #3600.

One Baignol & Farjon #202.

One Blanzy-Poure #135.

One Blanzy-Poure #2500.

Row #3 From Left to Right:

One Esterbrook #442.

One Leon & Isaacs #12 “Glucinom Pen”.

One All America #74.

One Esterbrook #048.

One Esterbrook #520.

One Penna Lus #1930EF.

One Heintz & Blankertz #1107EF.

One Penna Cattaro #30EF.

One Presbitero #511EF.

One Penna Elettra #74.

One Sprott's #22 “Pellet Point”.

One Adams "Golden Pens" #2.

One John Mitchell #0138.

One Penna Elettra #2.

One D. Leonardt EF Principal.

One Hiro #6H.

One Penna Anotoneliani #378 EF.

Pen Row: One Wooden, Original, Hand Turned Dip Pen with one Antique Gold Plated Spencerian #42 nib.

Row #4 From Left to Right:

One C. Howard Hunt # 100.

One C. Howard Hunt # 103.

One Esterbrook #354.

One Esterbrook #355.

One C. Howard Hunt # 99.

One C. Howard Hunt # 22.

One C. Howard Hunt # 56.

One Esterbrook #815.

One C. Howard Hunt #5.

One C. Howard Hunt #67.

One Esterbrook #556.

One Esterbrook #1000.

One Esterbrook #794.

One Brause & Iserlohne #230.

One McNiven & Cameron "Hindoo".

One M.Myers & Son Ltd. #1896 F.

One Esterbrook #668.

Row #5 From Left to Right:

One D. Leonardt #40.

One D. Leonardt #33.

One Blanzy-Poure “Henry”.

One D. Leonardt #G.

One McNiven & Cameron “Waverly Pen”.

One Penna Lancia #920EF.

One Penna Orion #020.

One Penna Locatti #160.

One Penna Kantel #920EF.

One Blanzy-Poure #682.

One Perry & Co. #120 “Balanced Spring”.

One Penna Vulcano #920.

One Ursus #1120.

One Penna Eva #320.

One Baignol & Farjon # “Velleda”.

One Blanzy-Poure #2552.

Row #6/Last Row From Left to Right:

One Esterbrook #314 "Relief Pen".

One Rikkers Blokschrift # 15.

One Manuscript Nib #0.

One Manuscript Nib #1.

One Manuscript Nib #1.5.

One Manuscript Nib #2.

One Manuscript Nib #2.5.

One Manuscript Nib #3.

One Manuscript Nib #4.

One Manuscript Nib #5.

One Manuscript Nib #6.

One Round-hand No.0.

One Round-hand No.1.

One Round-hand No.2.

One Round-hand No.3.

One Round-hand No.4.

One Round-hand No.5.

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About my pens: From the very first pen that I turned, my pens have been individually numbered in sequence as they have been completed; all the pens I've shipped have included signed certification/documentation bearing their unique serial number, and other details specific to each individual pen from my lathe (since 2015, these certificates have included photo documentation as well). No two pens I've made are ever exactly alike since they are individually turned (not mass produced), and since I've never used any fixed templates or exact measurements in the turning process - the design of each pen occurs organically on the lathe as the wood or woods reveal as each layer is peeled away - and subject to my moods, thoughts joggling around inside my head, and my particular perspective at the time that I sit at my lathe to work on a project. This all adds up to a unique and original pen creation every single time, and it is one that can never be exactly matched or reproduced by anyone.

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