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40 Nib Basic Calligraphy Dip Pen Set - "The Book of Nib" series of Handcrafted sets by PDP


Image of 40 Nib Basic Calligraphy Dip Pen Set -  "The Book of Nib" series of Handcrafted sets by PDP
  • Image of 40 Nib Basic Calligraphy Dip Pen Set -  "The Book of Nib" series of Handcrafted sets by PDP
  • Image of 40 Nib Basic Calligraphy Dip Pen Set -  "The Book of Nib" series of Handcrafted sets by PDP
  • Image of 40 Nib Basic Calligraphy Dip Pen Set -  "The Book of Nib" series of Handcrafted sets by PDP
  • Image of 40 Nib Basic Calligraphy Dip Pen Set -  "The Book of Nib" series of Handcrafted sets by PDP

Made by an Artists, for other Artists: derived from a history of artistic experience and a tradition of quality creations to provide a tool of highly portable and functional format, convenience, practical application, and lasting value.

Included in this set:

One Basic Calligraphy Dip Pen Set consisting of 40 different nibs, one simple, wooden dip pen (painted black), & one “Book of Nib” enclosure (case) - pictured.

Dimensions: 8.3 inches long (21cm) x 5.125 inches deep (13cm) by 1.125 inches thick (2.86cm) x approximately 10.7 ounces (300 grams).

The case is composed of the same caliber of premium, heavy-duty board used in the leaves of standard hardback books, with a vintage image printed on a heavy gauge fabric which has been uniformly and permanently adhered to the underlying boards. The outer case includes metal corner protectors, and it has been sealed in a handcrafted varnish (a traditional decoupage formulation), and finished with a museum grade wax (to aid in moisture resistance and resistance to dust/dirt.) It has a magnetic closure mechanism: half of which is embedded within the upper lid, and the other half residing in the front and center of the frame.

The inner case includes a colored card stock that has been permanently adhered to the frame of the case, thoroughly imbued/saturated with natural lacquer and waxed; “nib boards” consisting of military grade, 1000D Nylon Cordura (black) that is adhered to boards which have been hand woven with a commercial grade elastic banding (black), and then permanently glued to the case. The Cordura has been sewn to the board along all edges to prevent unraveling, and to further secure the elastic bands. *All of the glues are a commercial grade resin that is designed to increase in strength with age.

The nibs in this set include both newly made and antique nibs in new, unused, and mint to near-mint condition.

*Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or requests for assistance that you may have.

The specific nibs included in this set - in the order of their placement:

Upper Lid

Row #1
One D. Leonardt #40.
One D. Leonardt #G.
One D. Leonardt #300.
One D. Leonardt #111EF.
One Baignol & Farjon # “Velleda”.
One D. Leonardt General.
One Blanzy-Poure #2500.
One Blanzy-Poure “Henry”.

Row #2

One D. Leonardt #33.
One Baignol & Farjon #803.
One Baignol & Farjon #3600.
One William Mitchell #7.
One Penn Lus #1918.
One Penna Locatti #150.
One Esterbrook #314 "Relief Pen".

Pen Row - One wooden pen.

Lower Lid

Row #3

One Esterbrook #239 “Chancellor Pen”.
One Round-hand No.0.
One Round-hand No.1.
One Round-hand No.2.
One Round-hand No.3.
One Round-hand No.4.
One Round-hand No.5.
One McNiven & Cameron “Waverly Pen”.

Row #4

One D. Leonardt #41.
One Penna Lancia #920EF.
One Penna Vulcano #920.
One Ursus #1120.
One Blanzy-Poure #682.
One Perry & Co. #120 “Balanced Spring”.
One Penna Hollandia #720EF.

Row #5

One Fiore #24 EF.
One Esterbrook #520.
One Esterbrook #788.
One Esterbrook Penesco #501.
One Baignol & Farjon #298 “Tantale”.
One M.Myers & Son Ltd. #1896 F.
One Geo W. Hughes #311 “Treasury Pen”.
One Geo W. Hughes #99 “Homo Pen”.

Row #6

One D. Leonardt #256.
One Geo W. Hughes #312 “White Horse Pen”.
Five Spare Slots.

*A copy of this nib map is included with your set.

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About my pens: From the very first pen that I turned, my pens have been individually numbered in sequence as they have been completed; all the pens I've shipped have included signed certification/documentation bearing their unique serial number, and other details specific to each individual pen from my lathe (since 2015, these certificates have included photo documentation as well). No two pens I've made are ever exactly alike since they are individually turned (not mass produced), and since I've never used any fixed templates or exact measurements in the turning process - the design of each pen occurs organically on the lathe as the wood or woods reveal as each layer is peeled away - and subject to my moods, thoughts joggling around inside my head, and my particular perspective at the time that I sit at my lathe to work on a project. This all adds up to a unique and original pen creation every single time, and it is one that can never be exactly matched or reproduced by anyone.

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